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About DQ cables

Chairman Introduction

Zichun Wang Chairman, Senior Engineer and Senior Economist

honourable degrees held:

  • "Outstanding township entrepreneur"
  • "National Township Entrepreneur"
  • "Jiangsu Province Ten Outstanding Patent Inventor" (April 2006)
  • "Jiangsu Province Model Worker" (April 2006)
  • "Grand Prize of Inventing and Founding" (November 2006)
  • "Inventor at the present age" (November 2006)
  • "Supporter to the wealth of Chinese people" (November 2006)
  • "National Science and Technology Progress Award"
  • Yancheng City People's Congress"(January 2008)
  • "Representative of the people in Jiangsu Province"(January 2008)
  • "Yancheng Ten people award" (January 2009)
  • "Supporter to Yancheng scientific and technological progress" (January 2009)
  • "National advanced quality individual" (September 2011)

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